Netiquette - Chain Emails

Adults Email

Netiquette is the etiquette of digital technology and the Internet. Things like not typing in all capital letters, because that means you are shouting online may not be familiar to adults. But in the same way there are rules for not running in hallways and keeping your voice down in a library, there are rules for what you should and shouldn't do online.

WiredSafety will be offering a weekly column on Netiquette, teaching adults the rules of the cyber-highway. The more you know, the less likely it is that you will offend someone online or give the wrong impression. You'll also understand what is acceptable or not when others break the rules of Netiquette with you.

Remember when you were young and people used to put a stamp on an evelope and someone called a postal worker would deliver the envelopes and their contents to your home? In the olden days you may have received a chain letter warning you of your certain death or bad luck if you failed to make copies and send them to ten of your nearest and dearest friends for them to forward on and so on and so forth. You'd have to figure out where to find the stamps and sit scribbling for hours just to be certain you would not be struck by lightening.

But what about in the digital age? No stamps, No envelopes. No scribbling. Just the click of a mouse and the selection of the ten friends from your Facebook account or your address book. Lucky them!

For your Netiquette lesson of the week: When you receive an chain email (even from a trusted friend), do you know what to do?